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Tech and Branding, Together as One: Introducing NFC Technology!

More and more technology is being introduced to branding and promotional products. Now, NFC technology is finally being put into branding! Even better, you can pair it with your own brand! But wait, what is NFC Technology?

What is NFC Technology?

NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a form of wireless communication that enables two devices, one usually being a smartphone or other portable device, to establish communication and transmit data by bringing them close to each other (hence the name). The data transmitted is usually information such as pictures, videos, and audio files. No wires attached and no internet connection needed!

You can now add NFC tags to products on your logo (as seen in the image below) and bring customers directly to any website you want, or present any information you want to transfer! All you need to do is tap your smartphone or NFC-enabled device to the NFC branded area, it’s as simple as that!

I Get How It Works, Now What?

From sending clients directly to your website, to booking reservations or making direct payments, the possibilities are endless with this technology! Hosting a big charity event where you’re giving out free products? Add an NFC tag to the logo on the product and link it directly to a donation page! Create NFC digital business cards so your clients can store your information and socials in their phone, and stand out at conferences!

What Can I Use This Technology With?

Currently, this technology is available for a few different items from Spector & Co. These items include journals/portfolios, luggage tags, yoga mats, messenger bags, duffle bags, regular backpacks, briefs, drawstring bags, earbud kits, wine box accessories sets, and power banks!

We think this new technology and branding method is incredible, and it opens up a lot of creative options for your brand! With more and more technology being fused with branding and promotional products, it’s important to stay on top of the newest options out there and be innovative!

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