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Top 15 MUST-SEE Items from the PPAI Expo 2019!

Last week, Promo Link traveled all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada to check out the newest and upcoming promotional products at the PPAI Expo! We’ve been buzzing about some of the items we saw, and we wanted to share our favorites with you! Here are the top 15 MUST-SEE items!

1. Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

As we know, the consumer culture is changing towards more eco-friendly products. This tote bag not only looks good, but is also good for the Earth!
This extra large bag is 20W x 9 x 16H, has trendy contoured bottom corners, and comes in cranberry red, grey, and black!

2. The Phone Flipper

The Phone Flipper is easy to use and can be custom-designed to match your brand! Simply peel off the backing and place on your phone. Just slip the Phone Flipper on your finger and never worry about dropping your phone again. 

3. Magnetic Cable Organizer

With the magnets on the clips and the base, this organizer makes it easy to return the cable to the correct position. Perfect for your desk, night stand, and so much more. You can even customize the packaging to your brands’ needs!

4. Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Stay up to date with all the latest tech and don’t need as many wires anymore? Look no further than this 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad!
Look stylish while charging your Qi-enabled device.

5. Mouse Pad Charger

This combo mouse pad and wireless charger is a great addition to any desk! This mouse pad is super convenient, and the quick charge allows for faster charging!

6. Light Up Power Bank

Highlight your corporation to the best effect with the soothing blue LED engraving to show off your logo. Fast charging capable with this 8000mAH power bank.

7. Color Changing Sunglasses

Why choose only one color for your sunglasses? With these, the color changes when exposed to sunlight after only a few seconds! These glasses offer 100% UV protection and are available in 6 color changing combinations!

8. Anti Blue-Light Glasses

We spend a lot of time in front of screens, and it can definitely be straining on our eyes! These glasses have an anti-reflective (AR) coating that helps protect your eyes from excessive levels of blue light. These glasses reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and sensitivity to light during long computer screen sessions and are fashionable too!

9. Reusable Straws

As we all know, plastic straws are being banned by cities and businesses alike. Still want to enjoy your drink with a straw but be part of the solution to save sea life and reduce plastic? Look no further than these two options!

10. Custom Socks

Custom socks are one of the biggest trending items, research even shows that sales of print and patterned socks are increasing while those of solid colors are declining! Express your brand’s personality with your very own custom company socks!Fashionable Water Bottles

11. Fashionable Water Bottles

Continuing with the fashionable trend, these water bottles are sure to impress! They are both made of double wall vacuum insulated copper lined stainless steel, so they will keep your favorite beverages hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.

12. Wireless Beat Bottle

We have one last water bottle to share, and this one is definitely unique!
Enjoy your favorite music while you are enjoying outdoor activities. No need for loud speakers connected to cords, the wireless Beat Bottle is ideal for the beach, picnics and poolside and can even be your musical companion at work! Just like the other two bottles, the bottle is double wall vacuum insulated.

13. Office Games!

A big trending item in the promo industry are office games! Whether it’s a Cornhole Set, Puttskee, or a Giant Connect Four Board, we are constantly seeing office games make a rise in popularity!


14. Fully Customizable Shoes

Want to really stand out on your next company outing? These fully customizable shoes are the perfect way to make an impact and show your brand’s colors and personality!

15. Colorful Duffel Bag

Add a little more color to your life with this Duffel Bag! You can customize this bag in FOUR different places with a full-color imprint on the patch, two handles, and shoulder strap! With a 23L capacity, the Keeler is great for quick trips where you need a carry-on. It comes with a removable, extra long shoulder strong so you can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. 

The PPAI expo had so much to offer, it was hard just trying to narrow it down! We hope you like these items just as much as we do!

Let us know what you find is the most interesting item on here!

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