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Fresh Ideas and a Fresh New Product!

Hey Folks! Just came back from the PPPC Tops show fresh full of promotional ideas, big and small!

First of all, I know the intense heat and extremely warm weather has tricked us into believing summer will last forever. Unfortunately, our wall calendars (yes…wall calendars DO still exist and we can get you those too!) tell us that winter and more specifically, the HOLIDAYS, are just a few months away.

Now, 3 months sounds like PLENTY of time to decide what you want to give those special clients and dedicated employees as holiday gifts.  But here is the thing.  Another way of saying 3 months is 12 weeks.  That’s right, only 12 weeks!  Not sounding so far away anymore is it? And although it may be a bit premature to actually place your Holiday Gift order now, (though honestly it is NEVER too early and getting to check this off your TO DO LIST during the Holiday Madness is ALWAYS a great idea!) you might want to start considering some ideas now.

During the next few weeks, we will be blogging about a whole bunch of different gift ideas that will not only thrill your employees and clients but will get your name out there where everyone can see it.  You can go loud or you can go subtle.  You can choose trendy or you can choose classic. The choice is all yours. So fill up that coffee mug (need a branded coffee mug or tumbler? We can so take care of that for you!) and sit back and enjoy our new PROMO LINK Blog!

Here is a little teaser of things to come…



Face it, nobody wants to reach in for their laptop on a plane only to find their underwear has gone airborne!  What is so awesome about this bag is the zippered clothing compartment SEPARATE from the laptop pocket.  The 5 ½” inch depth gives you plenty of room for all your overnight needs.  Don’t show up to your meeting with a bulky overstuffed duffel looking like you are going to a slumber party!

in text nomad bag


This bag is sleek and stylish with its subtle but classy exterior and pinstripe interior lining, easy access pockets and padded laptop compartment.  Comes with a slide-on luggage strap and a cross body strap to free up those hands for better things!  Trust me, anyone who ever travels overnight for work NEEDS this bag.  It also comes with a huge variety of branding options!

…But you’ll have to stay tuned for our next blog post to learn more about that!

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